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How to Make Delicious Grilled Pork Salad

Grilled Pork Spring Rolls

Ingredients: 300g lean shoulder meat Fish sauce, sugar, pepper Dry onion Country of goods Roasted sesame 3 sets of rice paper rolls Lettuce, herbs of all kinds Sliced Carrots 300g vermicelli Dipping sauce Instructions: Lean shoulder meat cut into large pieces, tender, marinated with onions, minced dried garlic, chopped green onions, ½ tablespoon sugar, 1 […]

How to Marinate Delicious Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken

Seasoned chicken marinated with fragrant golden grilled spices, delicious served with white rice. Ingredients: 2 large chicken thighs. 1 small packet of five spices. Salt, oyster sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, honey, sugar, black soy sauce. Garlic, dried onion. Instructions: Wash chicken thighs, blanch briefly with boiling water to remove impurities. Then rinse thoroughly, boil […]