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Recipes How to Cook Delicious Old Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup

There are many different ways to cook Hanoi chicken noodle soup that you can easily learn and do. However, to know how to cook old Hanoi chicken noodle soup properly, is not everyone knows. The old Hanoi standard esoteric chicken noodle soup recipe in the following article will help you find the old taste again. […]

How to make Shrimp and Meat Salad

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Ingredients: 300 gr fresh shrimp 200 gr lean ham or pork belly 20 rice paper rolls Red onion, roasted peanuts, chopped chili 1 handful Lettuce, herbs, raw bean sprouts, chives, fresh vermicelli/each Ingredients for dipping sauce: 4 mc black sauce 2 pcs peanut butter 4 mc fresh milk or coconut milk 4 mc of filtered […]