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A Harmony of Flavors – Rice with Pork Chop and Egg

Pork Chop Egg Rice Plate

Introduction: Discover the artistry of Vietnamese cuisine through a delightful dish known as “Rice with Pork Chop and Egg.” This culinary masterpiece seamlessly blends succulent pork chop, velvety eggs, and comforting steamed rice to create a harmonious dining experience. Ingredients: Pork Chop: Marinated with a blend of spices, the pork chop is pan-fried to perfection, […]

Delicious Pork Chop and Fried Egg Rice Recipe

Pork Chop Egg Rice Plate

Introduction: Pork Chop and Fried Egg Rice, or “Cơm Sườn Trứng” in Vietnamese, is a flavorful and satisfying dish that combines tender marinated pork chops with a crispy fried egg served over fragrant jasmine rice. Follow this easy recipe to create a delightful meal that brings together a perfect balance of textures and flavors. Ingredients: […]