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Seafood Pho: A Symphony of Fresh Flavors

Seafood Pho

Introduction: Dive into the exquisite world of Vietnamese cuisine with our recipe for Seafood Pho. This bowl of goodness combines the delicate flavors of the sea with the aromatic richness of traditional pho broth. Light yet satisfying, Seafood Pho is a celebration of freshness that promises to transport your taste buds to the bustling streets […]

Delicious Beef Meatball Pho Recipe

Beef Meatball Pho

Pho Bo Vien, or beef meatball pho, is a popular Vietnamese dish that features flavorful beef broth, tender beef meatballs, and a variety of aromatic herbs and spices. This comforting and hearty noodle soup is a favorite among pho enthusiasts. In this recipe, we’ll guide you through the process of making delicious beef meatball pho […]

Recipes How to Cook Delicious Old Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup

There are many different ways to cook Hanoi chicken noodle soup that you can easily learn and do. However, to know how to cook old Hanoi chicken noodle soup properly, is not everyone knows. The old Hanoi standard esoteric chicken noodle soup recipe in the following article will help you find the old taste again. […]

Instructions for Making Delicious Rare Steak Well Done Brisket Pho

Rare Steak Well Done Brisket Pho

Ingrdients: 500g beef bone 250g beef pieces 25g fresh ginger root Onion 5g dried cinnamon 3g anise 3g fennel seeds 400g noodle soup ¼ bowl of fish sauce Onions, cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, chili sauce, black sauce,… Instructions: Step 1: Clean beef or pork bones, cut the next piece into a pressure cooker or electric […]