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How to Make Delicious Vegetarian Dishes

Special Vegetarian dishes

Today, let’s Pho 777 immediately discover how to make a vegetarian dish for a delicious and attractive party. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. Ingredients: 20g vegetarian beef slices 50g vegetarian ham 5 vegetarian shrimps 50g enoki mushrooms 50g chicken thigh mushrooms Rice paper, deep-fried dough, breadcrumbs Red onions, roasted peanuts, seaweed leaves, lettuce, crab […]

Instructions for Making Vegetarian Spring Rolls Vermicelli

Vegetarian Spring Rolls Vermicelli

Ingredients: Rice noodle Vegetables Carrots, radishes, cucumbers Ingredients for vegetarian spring rolls, including: 2 pieces of tofu, 3 ear mushrooms, 100g fresh shiitake mushrooms, 1 carrot, thin rice paper, vegetarian seasoning, pepper, cooking oil Vegetarian dipping sauce: sugar, filtered water, lemon, soy sauce, fresh chili Making: Part 1: Making Vegetarian Spring Rolls Step 1: Prepare […]