Let’s Make Shrimp and Meat Salad to Change Flavor for the Weekend

Shrimp and Meat Salad

Shrimp and meat salad is a very popular dish in Vietnam. Due to its cool nature, it is loved by many people. With just one bite, you can easily feel the chewy taste of rice paper, the rich fat of pork belly mixed with the sweetness of boiled shrimp, a little salty taste of the dipping sauce and the cool, spicy taste of the vegetables. Life makes anyone who misses eating once will remember forever.

A Few Tips for Delicious Shrimp and Meat Salad

How to Choose and Buy Ingredients

  • When buying shrimp, you need to observe whether the legs of the shrimp are still attached to the body or not. Do not choose to buy shrimp whose legs have turned black, they are no longer fresh.
  • Besides, you should observe the appearance of the shrimp. With damaged shrimp, their body often bends into a round shape, not straight or slightly curved like fresh shrimp. Shrimp meat must be firm to be delicious shrimp but not abnormally bloated. In addition, you should not buy shrimp that have melted, or have an unpleasant odor.
  • When buying pork, you should pay attention to the following points. Fresh pork must be firm, have high elasticity, press with your finger into the meat without leaving dents or sticking. Rotten meat will dent and then not return to normal and stick. With a piece of meat with obvious fatty veins on the surface, it will be more delicious. However, too much fat will make the meat hard.

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The Secret to Delicious Shrimp and Meat Rolls

  • Shrimp must be thoroughly prepared before processing. In order to remove all waste and residues that can affect the health of the eater as well as the taste of the food.
  • Shrimp should not be steamed for too long, it will make shrimp friable and lose its inherent sweetness.
  • Pork you soak in a bowl of filtered water and a little ice so that the meat has a beautiful white color.

Notes About the Shrimp and Meat Salad You Should Know

How Should Shrimp and Meat Roll Salad Be Eaten?

  • With this dish, you can just roll it and eat it, and the spring rolls come with fish sauce should be the best, right?
  • Spring rolls are only eaten right away, don’t keep them for a long time or leave them for a day!

Who Should Be Careful With Pork?

People With Kidney Stones

When you have this disease, you should limit your intake of animal meats such as pork and beef. Because these are foods that are rich in protein. High protein intake in the diet will cause the amount of oxalate in the urine to increase, forming stones.

People With High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease

Animal meats like pork are rich in protein. However, eating too much into the body can lead to excess, increased cholesterol in the blood. It will lead to the risk of atherosclerosis, constriction of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood pressure. Patients also do not need to abstain completely but can control a sufficient amount. According to experts, people with high blood pressure should only eat about 100g of meat/day is suitable.

People With High Cholesterol

To control their health condition, people with this disease need to pay attention to a reasonable diet. Pork and their products such as sausages, bacon … contain a lot of fat, bad cholesterol, so it is not good for people with fatty blood. Therefore, people with this disease should consume only about 140g of meat per day.